It does not matter whether the cause of your pain is stress, frequent sitting, degeneration, rheumatic disease or few movements that lead to your discomfort- you have the right to a painless life. Medical Beauty at Steigenberger Camp de Mar has created a special combination of techniques to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissues, reducing your pain and treating its causes.

Rehabilitation Treatments to choose from:

CPT Treatment

Innovative CPT Technology TM efficiently enables the heating of tissues, muscles and skeletal system of the motor apparatus and is often used to treat acute or chronic injuries quickly and to relieve pain and soreness.

CPT Deep Heat Relaxation Massage

The perfect massage to achieve an optimal deep relaxation, it is ideal for tense and painful muscles.

TESLA STYM - Magnetic field therapy

This is a new step in functional magnetic stimulation in pain management therapies with a 1, 7 Tesla. All deep muscle groups and nerves are stimulated.

It is perfect for treating acute pain in muscles, the skeletal system and in the motor apparatus as well as for treating degenerative illnesses in joints. It is recommendable for post-operative care, broken bones, post-traumatic pain, and also for treating problems in the nervous system and paralysis.

It offers outstanding results in a wide range of cases without side effects.


  • 15 min CPT Radiofrequency Treatment


  • 50 min CPT Deep Heating Relax Massage


  • 20 min TESLA STYM -Magnetic Field Therapy


  • Combination of all three treatments


Medical Beauty: daily from 10:00 till 19:00


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You will be informed about both the possibilities and risks associated with the treatments during your individual consultation, including an anamnesis, with our therapists. Please take your time to speak to them about your suggestions and desires.

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Pain Management Therapies